South Mississippi Alcoholics Anonymous

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Local Contacts


Ocean Springs

(228) 875-6898



(228) 539-0422

Local Contacts


Gulf Coast Area Information Service (AIS) Answer Line

 (228) 861-2278


meeting please call

228.209.9880 or 228.596.2135

Does Someone You Love Have a Drinking Problem?

Alcoholism is a family disease.  You are not alone.  Many husbands, wives and parents have been in the same situation as you.  Al-Anon Family Groups provides hope for families and friends of alcoholice.  We encourage you to try Al-Anon.  At Al-Anon meetings you will meet other people facing the same problems as you are. 

Research has shown the chances of individuals with a drinking problem getting into and remaining in recovery increases when their family members are involved.  By members sharing their experiences in Al-Anon, you will begin to recover from the effects of being close to an alcoholic.  You will gain support and understanding by listenting and sharing with others at Al-Anon meetings.  As you begin to understand the family disease of alcholishm, you will find you are better able to handle problems and your life will improve.

We urge you to contact the nearest Al-Anon Family Group.  There are no dues or fees for membership.  The meetings are free.  Group expenses are met by passing the basket and all contributions are voluntary.  Participants anonymity and what you say at a meeting will be carefully guarded.

Al-Anon / Alateen is supported by members' voluntary contributions and from the sale of our Conference Approved Literature.  For more information on Al-Anon in our area call the Al-Anon Gulf Coast Area Information Serives (AIS) answer line at 228.861.2278 or go to Mississippi Al-Anon Family Group Website and find a meeting close to you.